The new playground for war in “300: Rise of an Empire” sets the action on water

I loved 300. I really did. The way it showed the action, the fight for honor,t he betrayal, the courage, the urge to be part of something, the love, the loss and the hopelessness. They were all conveyed pretty darn well in that movie.

In the new installment, which will be released in March 2014, we see that Greek general Themistokles tries to unite Greece in the fight against Xerses, the Persian ruler who wants to conquer the entire World. First 300 movie had an open and and we could expect a second part to be released sooner or later.

I guess leaving open ends will give you the opportunity to gain from the success of a first part, if people receive it well. So, here it is: the new 300. I see it rather peculiar that a women led some of the hostilities like in many other movies and it does not really sound too accurate, historically speaking.

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