Move over titanium bikes: meet the Bamboo bicycles

A US company called Valid Cycles creates bicycles from bamboo which is cooked in an oven, stripped, and sealed. The company is located in Woodinville, Washington, outside of Seattle, and they say that the bamboo bicycles last as long as the metal ones and are even stronger.

So, yeah. You won’t see me giving thousands of $$ for a titanium alloy bicycle. Better spend some money on a bamboo bike instead, okay?

Such a bike starts around $1200 the frame and takes up to 6 weeks to be handcrafted. Quite some time, but it is great to have such a bicycle.

In their FAQ about bamboo bicycles they say that bamboo is durable and you can choose the design of the bike as you please. They use a bamboo called Tam vong (Dendrocalamus strictus) which is said to be better suited for bikes than other bamboo types.

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