About micromorts and how to avoid death by Mental Floss

John Green talks about micromorts, the change of dying given a certain circumstance or a unit of risk representing 1 in 1000 000 changes of dying. The stats are pretty impressive and you might think that such stats may not be true. After years of hard labor someone somewhere was bound to create such stats.

In 1968 Stanford professor Ron Howard has coined this term and the video above show what activities are more riskier than others. And yes, the fact that you live increases your chance of dying.

What about some micromorts? For example, after the age of 59 being alive has a risk of 7000 micromorts and a 85 years old human has a risk of 200 k micromorts. A 28 year old? 5044 micromorts. Being eaten by a shark? 0.002 mocromorts. Traveling 20 miles by bicycle has a risk of 1 micromort.

Best is to do all the healthy things and not think too much about risks 😀

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