Vsauce about Nostalgia: our need to get back home

Michael Stevens has shaken a bit my viewpoint of who I am or, better yet, what I am from in his new video: Nostalgia. Incredibly enough, he mentions that our bodies regenerate the cells every 5 years. It has to be noted that the brain, heart and eye cells do not regenerate at all or they do regenerate very very slowly. So, if your organs and other tissues are new every 5 years or so, not the same can be said about your brain, eyes and heart. Good read here.

What needs to be noted is that , even though most of the matter we consist now has not been with us 5-10 years ago, nostalgia is a sense of belonging, a need for us to get back home to a place we felt comfortable with. As long as our brain is alive and kickin’ well have those memories waiting for us.

Michael explains a bit about the role of music in human psychology as it helps generating that feeling of nostalgia (a term coined in 1680). He also presents James Ma, one of my nwewest favoirite science presenter at Head Squeeze. Below is the video about music and how it can make us smarte. Well done Michael and James. I am glad to see such partnerships.

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