Cancer science: was Angelina Jolie forced to do mastectomy?

Hank Green presents in SciShow why Angelina Jolie did mastectomy. Mestectomy is the procedure of surgically removing the breasts and that is a shitty thing, because I like her and ther movies. Too bad to hear that. Hank explains that she had a mutant gene in her DNA that raised the possibility that she could do breast cancer.

Different researches on the mutant genes BRCA1 and BRCA2, discovered (and patented) by Myriad, show that only a small fraction of those with this gene actually develop breast cancer.

It is said that 12% of the women will develop breast cancer sometimes during their lives. The BRCA1&2 mutations are present in about .1 – .2% of the population and having that mutation is an increased risk, not a diagnosis of the disease.

65% of the women that undergo mastectomy are using this procedure because of fear, as Hank explains it, and are not taking into account other options. So, as it seems, mastectomy should be last option used in these situations, but the decision is solely on each one of the affected women..

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