Riddick movie trailer: The Universe bows before a guy that sees in the dark

Riddick is one of the movies that inspires me. The movie trailer does him justice and shows a lonely intergalactic wolf making his way through one of the most dangerous planets out there. I do not watch movies so much for their artistic impression and novelty ideas, as for the action and the thrill.

Yes, a guy so calm and powerful as Riddick can bend the world around him. Many would like to simply don’t give a f…k and be like this movie character. Sometimes reality beats movies, however this video is worth a watch. The plot is interesting: he lures the mercenaries to a God-forsaken planet where he’s been stranded and then is able to fly away. The mercenaries have no clue what they are getting into and this makes the movie a lot more interesting.

It’s like at the end of the movie you hear a “HA-HA” pointed at the mercenaries. Have fun watching the movie trailer and then the movie!

Via [Geeks are sexy]

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