Most venomous and poisonous animals in the World and how to protect yourself using antivenom.

Hank Green explains in SciSchow the difference between venom and poison and shares a list of the most dangerous animals that generate toxic substances. Venom, if ingested (eaten) does not hurt you, but poison does.

One quote form the video is “It is not the poison that it kills you. It is the dose”. Great quote to put on the wall, of course.

Why is venom so dangerous? See in the post about why venom kills you and tell me that you want to be bitten :)) Veritasium has also a video in which he explains how to protect yourself when bitten by venomous snakes.

Some of the most venomous animals are: Australian Box Jellyfish, Cone Snails, Puff Aders, Inland Taipan, Brazilian Wandering Spider. Poisonnous: Golden Dart Frog.

Venom kills either by clogging the blood in your body or by usage of neurotoxins, that shut down electrical signals to the brain, resulting in cardiac arrest. So, keep clear of venomous animals, okay?

[UPDATE: 17.05.2013] I didn’t wanted to write a new post about this below you will find out hot to create an anti-venom. You need to milk the snakes, keep the venom in the freezer, inject animals with it and then those animals will create antibodies that can fight venom. Get some blood from those animals (a horse, for example) without killing them and then filter out the antibodies.

See the process below:

2 Responses to “Most venomous and poisonous animals in the World and how to protect yourself using antivenom.”

  1. It’s good to have listed the Box Jellyfish as an extremely venomous creature… there’s nothing like it when you get stung!

    • I’d rather stay away from these animals. Better to have a cat at home. That’s animal enough 😀