Vsauce explains: life in space is hard [video - born in space]

Vsauce aka Michael Stevens explains how the life in space is and what changes our bodies could feel in weightlessness. In outer space, in weightlessness, you can lose up to 40 – 60% of the bone mass, the muscles become weaker and you lose about 22% of the blood in your body. And no, the astronauts on board of the ISS are not in a zero-gravity environment, they are in a zero-G environment.

Zero gravity would mean that Earths gravity is null at 320km altitude, but simple calculations show that the gravity is about 90% out there. If the ISS were on top of such a tall building (320km) the astronauts would walk as us due to the gravity.

Zero-G, instead means not that there is no gravity, but that the gravitational acceleration is nulled by the centrifugal acceleration because the ISS flies around the Earth with about 7 km/s. And no, again, ISS is not flying around the Earth it is orbiting, or as we should know, it is falling continuously. Due to the curvature of Earth and the high speeds the ISS is able to maintain a relative height and not simply crash on our soil/waters.

You can’t enjoy enough of science.

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