The rings of the trees offer a wealth of information. Why? [video]

As a new addition to my science and tech channels list, HeadSqueeze TV does not disappoint. From their newest videos I enjoyed most the one from above, about the tree rings.

It is a given that we know that the number of rings tells us, actually, about the age of the tree. Five rings would mean normally that the tree has 5 years, but that this not always the case. The tree rings are more obvious in areas where the climate changes over time, like Europa, which has summer and winter. When the weather is warmer with more water, the tree grows more and you can see a lighter part of the ring. The darker part of such rings is form the time of winter, when the tree struggles to grow.

That is not everything. In areas where the climate does not change, like in tropical areas, palm tress do not have rings, making impossible any effort to date such a tree.

What is less know is that you can use these tree rings to find our how climate was in a given period and even to find out when a wooden structure, like a tower or ship, were build.

Dendrocronology, a science founded by american astronomer A. E. Douglas, uses the tree rings to find our how the climate was in the past. If you cut now a tree that is 300 years old and then find another tree that was cut down 200 years ago (and that tree was about 400 years of age) you get to read the climate history of about 600 years span. Now, that is true science, mind ya? Have fun learning new cool stuff everyday.
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