Follow the true science, be Skepticality [podcast]

Skepticality is a great science and culture iTunes channel that can help us follow through and see what is actually science and what is bogus. We should cultivate more the true knowledge and be more skeptical about all the things we are seeing all over the web.

Yes, you should treat TehGeekTive too with a grain of salt, as I am not a scientist, but write about a lot of scientific concepts. What I find truly interesting is that the bogus science (pseudoscience) and all these fakes that sell “healing via energies” or come up with “perpetuum mobile” are so sure about them selves while the true researchers and scientists are so doubtful.

Yes, true science and knowledge always leaves some room for doubt because we will never know what the nature and Universe has ready for us. I discovered Skepticality on iTunes just recently while I was moaning (almost) the fact that You Are Not So Smart and Internet Marketing for Smart People haven’t updated their iTunes content in almost a year or six month. Sad, actually.

Have fun with Skepticality!
My Amazon suggestion for reading about skepticism:

2 Responses to “Follow the true science, be Skepticality [podcast]”

  1. Thanks for this. I plan to check this out.. I’ve also recently become aware of a group called Ecogeeks, comprised of young scientists and video producers that offer a huge archive of free science podcasts that children and teens both enjoy. They do a phenomenal job of adding humor and amazing cinematography to their educational videos.