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Patenting genes: a stupid concept that benefits only @holes like Myriad

In the video above you can watch how genes BRCA 1 and 2 were patented in USA by a biotech company called MYRIAD. They filed a patent and no one else is allowed to do research on those genes, genes which are part of our body and were not invented by those guys.

Does it sound strange only to me, or these guys want us to pay them tribute because we simply exist? Sooner or later you will see companies releasing “Life Certificates”, meaning the right to live only if you pay their ransom. |Can I be so absurd as to think this way? Why not?

They already patented some genes form my body, the same genes that exist in you so, yes, this is bullshit. And we got USA patent system to thank for this. One thing is to patent a process or even a new gene or material, but another one is to gain full right of a gene that was created by nature, not by those @holes at Myriad.

Honestly, looking at the situation in Cyprus, where private banks from Netherland and Germany are using the EU to force Cyprus in paying those banks’ bad investments, you can see where this gene patenting thing is going and why corporate influence can be really bad. I am glad that science has done so many things, but where politics and greed come in, guys like Myriad want to patent your body because in USA the patent law is so dumb.

So, how much for a Life Certificate from Myriad?

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