Ax2 Frenzy is ready so clean up the hood: affordable and good workin’

AX2-MainRomanian smartphone and pc tablet manufacturer Allview relesead recently AX2 Frenzy, an affordable tablet that has wifi, GPS bluettoh and 3G built in costs only US $175. A true portable media center and connectivity hub at your finger tips.

At only that price it packs quite sume punch, but let’s see what’s under the hood: it supports 2G and 3G networks, it has a TFT-LCD multitouch screen, Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, Cortex-A9, 1GHz DUAL CORE, 4 GB storage space, 512 MB RAM, it plays HD video at 1280X720p, thetering via Wi-Fi and it has a 5h working time.

I tested AX1 (Romanian) a while back and both, AX2 Frenzy (Romanian) and AX1 Shine, have about the same battery. They do work at 5 hour time. I could see three videos on a row without any issues.

Now, at this price you should not expect to play Contract Killer Zombie at high res or high FPS because it is mean to be a portable media player and a connectivity hub, not to mention that you can easily browser the web, hang our on social networks, skype people around or read the newspapers.

Go check the tablet specs out and let me know what you think. Yes, Allview HQ is just down the road, a few miles form my home. Good if I want to ask some questions personally. 😀

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It is a very good phone. I like it alot. …and it has a dual sim card arrangement.

Anyone have an idea which USA phone service company I might get a ‘pay-as-you-go’ sim for it. I have a Cosmote sim for it for use when I’m in Romania.

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