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Gravity puzzle with nails – nerdgasm

The King of Random has great mind and science experiments from different domains of activity. This time he presented a gravity puzzle where the rule is to balance 14 nails on one nail head. The nails can’t touch anything except each other, and they all have to be balancing at the same time.

Quite a hard job to do, but the solution is easy enough. If you pt a nail on the table, then put six nails on one side over the nail and another six nails on the other side, you will obtain a small structure resembling a canoe, with paddles. Over all these 13 nails arranged this way you put the last one and you ca move all these nails and then balance them on the nail that has been nailed in a piece of wood.

You can even stack way more than 14 nails in this way. Would’ve you thought of such solution? Me, for one, not.

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