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Science experiments can be darn awesome – video

Buzzfeed has created a short music video with some of the most intriguing experiments one can see: sulphuric acid with a toxic compund creates a big polymer instantly, sodium polyacrylate and water creates fake snow in mere seconds, liquid nitrogen and ping-pong balls create explosions, feather and nitrogen triiodide generates yet another explosion, Ga spoon melts in a 30°C (85°F) water.

Other experiments presented by Buzzfeed are sodium acetate crytallising very quick, Cesium burning and exploding in water, Lichtenberg figures, the incredible Pharaoh Serpent: the combustion of mercury(II) and thiocyanate, levitating and melting an object inside a copper coil, floating magnet inside a copper tube and ferrofluid sculptures.

Regarding magnets levitating inside a copper tube when free falling, Verisatium created a very interesting video about this. Explanation is pretty simple: the movement of the magnet generates electrical current which in turn generated a certain amount of magnetic field that interacts with the original magnet that is free falling. Cool. See it below:

Have fun!

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