The science of stress and how to reduce it while at computer

Stress is a survival mechanism. When something bad happens the body starts pumping a lot of blood increasing the pressure, glucose is sent to the muscles as fuel injection and the eyes get focused on fight or flight. While this is a primitive way to look at stress, it is still a part of human nature. We do get stressed. A lot.

Looking at stress from the primitive side, it can create an alert state only for a short period of time, just long enough to get you out of the harms way. Stress in itself is good. It shows that you are still functioning as a normal biological human being.

Today is a totally different animal. Stress that is. Many have another way of living now as opposed to ancient times. We stress snow more about things that do not harm us physically and the fight or flight signals are sent on a psychological level, but they do have an effect on our body.

Stress is what keeps me working in my tech support work. The fact that I know the KPI needs to be touched and there is still not enough time because a client needed much more hand holding than the rest keeps me in an alert state.

The absence of stress would not make me lazy, however this is how we feel alive. There is a downside to this: if you spend too much time under stress, then fatigue will overflow you. You need breaks. I often take breaks so clean my mind, speak with colleagues and even play with my plush or sponge brain. Squeeze and squeeze. It actually help me relieve the anxiety and what not.

How do we all fight stress at work, while on computer? This way:

  • breathe – sometimes some pretty well calculated breaths can save the day. breathe in, breathe out. Several times.
  • don’t hold it in you – when you have anger due to stress don’t hold it in you. Best is to talk with colleagues and try to seek advice form them. The know how you feel.
  • use toys – there are a ton tried and true products out there from yoga balls, stretch bands, and stress balls here
  • keep your feet flat on the ground – that is actually a bit awkward. It forces me to get out of my stressed position and it moves my attention form the cause of stress to the fact that my feet don’t lay so naturally on the ground
  • lean back – use a nice comfortable chair and simple lean back. A couple of minutes each hour can offer you a nice perscpective about the work. Rest, elan back and then start all over again

And last, but not least, just go through all the posts from this blog and learn a ton of things while having fun. But only when you have spare time 😀

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