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Interview with Michael Stevens, the creator of Vsauce

“Hi, Vsauce Michael here and…” Michael Stevens, from Vsauce, is an American living in the Uk, and he makes a ton of educational videos about anything he could think of.

He explains why animals don’t have wheels, seven ways your body can exist after you die, how many photos have been taken since the first photo in 1826 or how does Chicago weigh 300lbs more during the day.

He has 2.4 million channel subscribers on YouTube because he explains a lot of things in detail and does a lot of research. He shows us the marvels of the everyday phenomenon and he does it with style. He is not a scientist, but he has a bachelors degree in neuro-psychology and he likes to learn a lot and share many things about his heroes, the scientists.

An idea, a passion, thirst to learn. All these lead to a wider audience and many guys came to love science and learning more through the work of Michael Stevens.