How to become a Pope!

Many have mocked the Pope for resigning and hey might be right to do so. I do not agree with a human being god over all the believers of a religion. Anyways, CGP Grey has investigated the route a catholic needs to walk on in order to become a Pope.

You may become a Pope if the other Pope dies or resigns, maybe at 65-75 years. Route to become a Pope: be a man – > become one of the billion catholic men -> become one of the 500 000 priests -> become one of the 5000 bishops -> then one of the 200 cardinals, wait for the Pope to die and then get 2/3 of the cardinals to vote you as a Pope -> choose a name and become a Pope.

Quite a ride! Me? I’ll be staying put. Let someone else work 70 years of their lives, be a big man for a couple of years and then retire or die.

Via [Neatorama].

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