What is light?

Veritasium has created, once again, an interesting video that explains what light is. It seems that light is a particle and a wave. Light is electromagnetic radiation, meaning a manifestation of the presence of matter in the form of electromagnetic interaction.

Regarded as a particle in some calculations and as wave in others, light is not so easy to explain. Interestingly, an electron can receive a photons and emit them. Transparency is the ability of light to pass through materials in which light does not have enough energy to move electrons to a higher energy level and the light bulbs generate light because the heated electrons that pass through the metal wire will emit photons all over the place during the flow of current.

In the video above we can see that light behaves like a wave because the interference can be clearly seen when using a double slit and then let the light pass through them. Normally, if light were formed only form particles then the double slit would show two lines in the black box, but that is not the case. People can notice that in some palces the light is brighter and in others there is not light.

Light= wave. 😀 I can’t wait to see the first commercially available solar veil. It is gonna happen.

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