How does your brain work?

ASAP science explains the types of thinking we do: fast thinking and slow thinking. The fast thinking is the one that gets us in trouble with illusions, like seeing different line lengths for a line that has different surrounding objects, but it is the same length.

The slow thinking allows us to focus on a task, but with that we might lose the changes that might happen around the point of focus. Fast thinking is what makes us take the burden of off the brain when small tasks or fast tasks need to be done. That poor brain has to work even at nights. Anyways, many don’t really use it.

The video explains even the Moses Illusions: how many animals did Moses take on his ark? The answer is: none. Noah was the guy with the Ark, not Moses.

Moses was too busy splitting water all over the place. And he did a pretty good job that those news got to us until today 😀 Have ASAP Science, get your brain at work!

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