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How to create the simplest motor in mere minutes

SciShow is a great show about science. A LOT of science. In this Hank Green explains how the elctric motors work and how to build the simplest motor. You need a battery, a screw, a neodymium magnet and a wire. Attach these together and you get a spinning screw, basically a motor.

Why a motor? Because it converts electrical energy (flow of electrons in the system) into mechanical energy (rotation). The same principle is used in the common motors, however AC is used in there (as opposed to DC from the battery) and they also use coils that amplify the magnetic field.

No to forget: electric fores and magnetic forces are part of the same force: electromagnetic force. Where you see one, you can detect the other too. An experiment that is a bit harder to understand is the one from Sixty Symbols, where you drop a magnet inside a copper tube and then the magnet, instead of dropping through the tube very fast, it is slowing down.

What does it happen there? The rapid movement of he magnet creates an electric current in the copper tube, which as a result creates a magnetic field of its own that interacts with the magnet. Voila, you got magic:

See this too:

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