Vsauce explains what’s the most dangerous place on Earth

Vsauce finds a ton of interesting stuff to explain and talk about, like death. Under certain aspects you need to know how much it takes for you to die. In space, for example, you have about 90 seconds to sens a brief love sms before you die or you could be sure that if you jump in lava you will die gloriously, with a ton of explosions.

Interestingly, 93% of the people that ever lives on Earth are dead now. Some of them died in the plague era, which killed one third of Europe’s population, or because of the malaria which has killed about half of the human that had ever existed.

So, the most dangerous place on Earth? It could be in the lava, Mariana trenches or malaria ridden places. so, stay safe and take enough medication when needed. Michael explains a lot of other interesting facts in there so make sure to subscribe to his channel. His videos are great as always!

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