Poker: the science of lying

Some friends challenged me to see in this game a bit more than gambling. It is gambling if you are a fool and don’t know how to evolve and when to stop. People can win millions of dollars by applying the science of lie, deceiving their opponents.

In the video above Daniel Negreanu says about this game: “It isn’t really about the cards that you have in your hands. It is about bluffing.” So, a couple of fellas from Sports Science put him to the test against the lie detector. Two or of three times the lie detector caught him, but not the opponents. They were fooled!

The only time when I played a bit more poker was in Far Cry 3. I had to finish a mission and I bluffed a lot. Of course, that is just a game and not a real deal. I do believe that Poker is a sport, but it is a sports where only few really win and those are actually the people who know when to stop and when to go forward. And those who can manage risks.

I would like to know a bit more from each sports and then use each bit in my personal life. Would be a good poker player a good cheater or a good businessman?

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