Even in the superhero world IE sucks [image]

In no matter what scenario IE will still suck. Okay, IE9 has some new toys at play, but many companies still use Windows XP and IE6 or 7. Those damn fools. Whenever I need to work on a website I need to test it in IE6 too. Come on guys!

No, I’m not doing fancy things, just PSD to WordPress, but thwen the client needs to use a custom font that I will upload to the website, IE needs to use a default font because it can’t handle Blanch Caps, for example.

The image from below show IE just as it is: a digital creature that needs to die. The image was created by CSectionComics and it makes perfect sense.

PS. Just because IE is such a mess that doesn’t mean that Win 7, for example, isn’t a great OS. Or a couple of other things created by Microsoft, like the Kinect, which is an awesome device. Anyways, IE, die!


Via [Geeksaresexy].

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