Why do geeks and nerds hate hipsters?

Mike Rugnetta explains the difference between geeks, nerds and hipsters. Usually geeks and nerds are seen as authentic, original, passionate, albeit kinda socially awkward. Nerds identify themselves as such, hipsters not.

Hipsters are seen as arrogant, people who sometimes disguise as people from another culture in an ironic way. They aren’t really part of any such culture, but they wear clothes that resemble the 60s culture or any other and like to play it how cool they like something. Hipsters: look and behave in a way they shouldn’t.

Mike Rugnetta goes on in explaining what cultural capital is and its role in gaining status. Nerds have to work hard to gain cultural capital within their group, whereas the hipsters simply take stuff and wear it and then behave like they would be part of such group. Impostors!

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