A new flu attacking us? Nope!

While Romania does not have any particular issues with flu or other types of diseases, well not more than usually, in USA it seems that people are a bit afraid of the new flu, generated by H3N2 A virus. Seems that this virus is somewhat like the swine flu and it caused an epidemic in USA, however that is not the end of the world.

The video from above explains the difference between strains of viruses and what an epidemic is: when more than 7.2% or the total deaths are caused by a disease. It seems anyways that this happens in each year. Is it dangerous? Of course. Will it kill anyone? Doubt it. And yes, H3N2 A is quite old, so this is not really a new flu.

Better to be safe and take a vaccine and just try to be healthy, all right? I am always wearing enough clothes during the winter and a hat to keep me warm. And good shoes. If all else fails use a very hot tub of water and some tea and just sleep in there šŸ˜€ Se safe!

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