Why the Moon landing hoax theory doesn’t hold water!

Is the Moon landing a Hoax? I say NOT. Look at the smartphone in your hand and compare it with the PC you had in 1990. Now it doesn’t seem so impossible, ain’t it? SAG Collins explains why the moon landing movie is not a hoax.

Why is it impossible that NASA could have fakes the Moon landing? Well, because they could bring a shuttle in the space in 1969, but they did not have video editing devices, like we have now. And there are many other reasons why the Moon landing was not a hoax.

For example, you see the flat wiggling. Gravity can make an object behave like that if you move the flag form one pace to another one. Or the shadows. Only one shadow. From the Sun. Now, let’s get back to Earth and admit that we CAN reach the stars.

Via [EarthSky].

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