Volvo Trucks – Collision Warning with Emergency Brake [video]

Volvo announced in October 2012 that they will be introducing a collision warning system with emergency brakes in their trucks. In their new Volvo FH line the radar system senses that you are getting too close to a a vehicle and it automatically breaks.

The truck won’t just block the wheels, instead it will use the plain old ABS technique that will ensure you use the shortest braking length possible. Watching the video I got a bit scared. It stopped at only few dozen inches form the other car or obstacle. See below how it works:

The FH trucks used can be sold at about $20k-$30k, but the new ones might cost a lot more. A new Volvo FH truck was sold for $135k. Anyways, a new Volvo FH can cost up tp $230k. Quite some money. As a side note, when I’ll buy my car I’ll buy a Volvo. I don’t need it to be fancy looking on the outside when I know I will be safe. That is very important for me.

Via [Za Cool Thing A day].

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