Conquer the snowy roads with Onspot automatic chains

The Onspost Automatic Chain System allows you to use chains on demand when you see that the snowy road is way to hard to deal with. It features a retractable arm with chains that go under the tires and help it gain grip. Great idea, ingenious, but why haven’t we heard of it before?

From Onspot:

Six lengths of chain spaced at 60-degree intervals on the chainwheel ensure that there are always two (2) chains between the tire and road surface whether you are accelerating, braking or are in a wheel lockup condition. The traction from the chainwheel is obtained in forward OR reverse.

Check them out and tell if you think something like this is great or not. I do believe it is almost life changing for the guys up in Canada or from countries in Northern Europe.
Via [Neatorama].

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