The Enigma Machine had 158,962,555,217,826,360,000 configurations, but it had a flaw

The Nazi Enigma Machine was a special device that allowed the Germans to send coded messages all over the war field without being easy to be decoded. In fact, it was almost impossible to decode the messages. This device used a plugboard, a 26 letter keyboard and rotors with numbers to create the encoded message.

The commercial enigma machine, that was not using the plugboard, was used by banks, however the military machine was not flawless and the Brits were able, thanks to Alan Turing, to decode the messages. The Bombe, the device invented by Alan Turing, was able to decode the messages in about 20 minutes, which is impressive given the fact that the Enigma was a very good machine.

Watcht he second part too where you will find out that the flaw in Enigma machine was the fact that a letter would never become itself int he encoded message. This means that, no matter how often you press letter T, the resulting letter will never be T. A flaw, and the Brits used it against the Germans. Way to go!

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