Stephen Hawking: conquer the Universe or die!

Well, he didn’t say it like that, but after you see the video form above you will sense that there is his answer heading. Answer to what? To the question: what is our future? Stephen Hawking given some brief answers to questions like How did the Universe begin? or How did life sprung up? or Where is all this heading?

While he is answering to those questions he inserts some funny jokes that spice up the monologue. It is quite impressive what he could achieve form hiw wheelchair and the help he could provide to theoretical physics.

There is no info about what was before Big Bang, Big Bang was a spontaneous event and life on Earth was the same. The future of the universe is not clearly know, but the future og human kind is out there. Interestingly, Stephen Hawking mentions personed space flight, not manned space flight. That would essentially mean that he thinks that our future is either a synergy with the machines or something the like. Who knows what will human kind do in 1 million years. I won’t be around to see it, of course.

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