A little math magic: problems with zero

Numberphile explains some things regarding basic math logic. No, regarding logic, because math is logical at it’s core. One of the most interesting problems in math is the division by zero.

Yes, you thought that is you divide any number greater than zero to zero then you will obtain infinite. Well, that is not true because: 1. infinite is a concept, not a number and 2. X/0 has in non-determined result, meaning that is has several solutions.

Also, we don’t say that 1/0 is equal to infinity because using the same reasoning we can say that 2/0 is equal to infinity and thus 1/0=2/0 which is utter rubbish.

In high school I learned about limits and how to solve curious fractions using limits. Now, most of that knowledge is gone, but I use channels like Numberphile to remember and to understand the beauty of math. Yes, math is like music for those who love it.

In the video from above we see why infinite is not a number, why the division by zero is so tricky and why we need to apply logic in more things than… math. Enjoy!

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