How does one die in space void?

Hank Green is at it again: he explains how one could die in the space void and it isn’t the way you saw in the movies. Basically, you won’t freeze nor will you see (lol) your head exploding.

What will happen if you stray form the ISS without a costume is that you will die in mere 15 seconds because the void will suck all of the air from your body. Then you will asphyxiate. Then some of the blood vessels will break up on the surface of your skin and that blood will boil. Then, if you’re naked, you will get a serious sunburn.

Not that it will matter because by that time you will be dead. And why not frozen? Because there is not other matter around you like gas or liquid to transfer the heat form your body to it, so you will keep the body heat and won’t freeze. Just asphyxiate. Best is to use the costume, okay?

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