Hank Green, from SciShow, tells us 53 terrible jokes

Hank Green is the presenter of SciShow, an amazing YouTube channel that teaches us many things about science in general and they also feature science news. Now he presents 53 jokes that he liked over the last year. He creates each year such joke videos and some of them are quite amazing.

Some of his jokes:
– How did a hipster burn his tongue? He drank coffee before it was cool.
– What is invisible and smells like carrots? Rabbit farts.
– How do you call a fish with no eye? A fish.
– When I found out that my toaster was not water-proof I was shocked!
– How do you call a pencil without lead? Pointless.
– Which side of the chicken has more feathers? The outside.
– Never trust an atom. They make up everything.
– My granddad had the heart of a lion and a lifetime ban form the zoo.

And there are many more. Have fun with science and learning new stuff everyday!

Via [Neatorama].

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