Get Paying Clients as a Videographer

I have a friend who does videography, meaning videos of any kind, from slo-mo to nice sensitive ones. Constantin, by his name, has written a great blog post about 3 Ways To Get Paying Clients as a Videographer and he lives by what he preaches. See this video with a rail track in Brasov, Romania.

In the post I mentioned he explains a few things about the marketing a videographer needs to do. It’s not all about the tech you have or your editing skills. Many clients will pay you by your marketing skills.

Constantin mentions a few great books in his post and among them 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, a great book that should bring you up to speed with the basics in marketing. I just finished reading it and it gave me a birds-eye-view over my activities and some changes will result in the near future.

He mentions also three things you need to keep in mind if you want to get clients and the most intriguing is the first one: lie a bit, bend the truth. That is almost a requirement if you have no portfolio. If you believe in your skills invent something, then work on those and then go forward.

Words that I remebered from his post: “Marketing is a battle of perceptions“, “What you have to do is either work for free or for the right price but never be cheap” and “Getting clients is not always about doing the best work“. Just head on to this post and be ready to learn some marketing skillz 😀

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