Booya: science says that animals on drugs get high with bio-products

Yes, animals do drugs to. Get over it. Actually, what?! It is a bit strange that you get to see human traits in animals too. Or is it in reverse? We all know that cats love catnip. Much. But I didn’t knew that other animals, except felines big or small, have such affinities for any given bio-product like insects or plants.

At least those animals are high in a healthy way. Those animals use insects or plants to help them fight illnesses or pains, but a few of them overdo this and then they get addicted. Hank Greenexplains some of the types of addictions animals have:

  • anting – they land on ant hills and let hundreds of ants swarm all over them Birds overdo this by killing a lot of ants, squash them and then they rub the ant soup all over them
  • passing the millipede – Capuchin Monkeys anger the millipedes, which releases toxins, and then they rub them selves with that toxin.
  • jaguars eating vines – jaguars eat Yage (vine), from which Amazonians create a drink for religious ceremonies. Interestingly, these plants cause hallucinations, but help jaguars purge their system of parasites.

Medicine has always been a natural thing, eh? Hank Green creates awesome video so you might not want to lose any episode form him. Subscribe here.

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