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Vsauce explains why you should use children to hide your crimes better

Ooops, Vsauce has gone dark? Nope. He just explains some interesting things about our fingerprints. No two humans have the same fingerprint, not even identical twins. Also, the fingerprints of a child evaporate after 15 minutes, but the ones form an adult stay in the same place for a very long time.

Another interesting fact that Vsauce researched and explained is that even if you would get rid of the fingerprints for a short while the skin that grows will build those fingerprints back. Why is that? Because the fingerprints are created the the underlying layers of the skin, not by the outmost layer, which is… dead.

Yep, we show off our nice skin not knowing that our outer sheel/skin layer is in fact dead cells. How’s that for a beauty. Zombies don’t seem much different from us now, eh? 😀

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