Smartphone Buying Guide: Winter 2013 – download free pdf

Smartphone Buying Guide: Winter 2013 is another great and free pdf ebook published by MakeUseOf and written by Joshua Sherman. In only 21 pages you can learn about what a smartphone can do and why it is so desirable.

Honestly, if you ask me I would buy a Smasung Galaxy SII as it offers me the freedom of Android and I don’t have to pay and arm and leg to own it. And no, I don’t want to hear about carriers. Since 2010 I has only prepaid numbers. I was paying way too much to even want to make another contract with any carrier.

In this ebook you will find out about BREW, the basic software in a cellphone, and go through the main operating systems in today’s smartphoones: iOS, Windows Phone OS, Android. You wilkl learn also about the carriers in US and the difference between a manufacturer and a developer.

Finally, you will see some features of the most desired smartphones in the last chapter. If you ask me, I will stick with any Android that has a big enough screen because I have big hand and wear glasses. I need to see the images well, right?

Click on the image from below, fill in some details to receive great offers, and then download this free smartphone buying guide:

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