Tripping in the bush with Super Dingo

There was a dingo and the experiments done on him created to super hero of Australian Bushes. Meet Super Dingo, a sci-fi/comedy web series about to hit the mainsteam. It has all the elements of a usual “agency” like movie, but with a twist: everything revolves about the Bush HQ and the Super Dingo.

What I like, at least at the video form above, is that it treats sensible subjects with humor and wants to simply poke fun at sci-fi/pirates/hippies/atomic power plants. If you ask me this web series would be targeted to childred, but I see that geeks all over the world like the idea of a bush dingo making peace with guns and hot chicks and simply bring the X-Men style agency to a whole, new bushy level šŸ˜€ Have fun!

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