Wild Carpathia: documentary about untainted nature in Romania

For the seasoned readers of TGT- tehgeektive, it is a well known fact that I come from Romania, Eastern Europe. No, we wain’t that poor as many depict us and no, we are not savages, but we do have a lot of Europe’s untainted nature: a good chunk of Carpathian Mountains.

In this documentary you will learn about some of the rural life that still exists here and about the importance of Carpathian Beara, named Brown Bears, which are in the same species as the Grizzly Bear. And it has Transylvania in Center, the place where Dracula has his castle, near Bran town.

The documentary need to ad dthat many younsters have left the rural areas for the cities where they often like to work in IT jobs. When it’s about hacking, in the good way, we have more skilled guys than France, for example. And, we are on second place in the World for broadband speeds.

Via [Geografilia].

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