Download the newest free ebook: iPad: A Magical and Revolutionary Guide

iPad: A Magical and Revolutionary Guide is the newest free ebook that you can download from my weekly series. The ebook is created by MakeUseOf with the help of James Bruce.

What iPAD is it everyone knows. Tablets were on the lips of everyone, but n one could make them popular. That is until Steve Jobs presented the first iPAD. People laughed and said that it would never take of. iPAD reached the skies in no time. The the iPAD apps ruled the world. The Apple word.

In this free ebook you will learn about:

  • multitasking and screen rotation lock
  • typing on the iPAD
  • adding webmail servies to the device
  • selecting apps
  • troubleshooting battery life
  • and many more info

This 27 page guide is awaiting for you to download it. Click on the link below, fill in some details and get this great new free ebook.

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