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A 17 Billion sun masses black hole? Why not?

Newsy Science reports that astronomers have discovered a super-massive black hole that has 17 billion sun masses and it’s event horizon stretches 11 times the orbit of Neptune. A true behemoth in the world of black holes and a real keeper I might add.

Why? Well because most black holes have the event horizon kinda small. This one really speaks for itself. Normally, a black hole could be 1-2 miles across and have a couple of tens or hundred sun masses. At a distance of a few million miles you might just get past it and it might act like it where a star in there. You would need to get darn close, maybe a couple of miles in order to cross the event horizon and go straight into oblivion.

But with the super-massive black hole from NGC 1277 the story is really frightening. You would need to be at more than 100 billion miles away to not get pulled into this gigantic black hole. What it’s amazing about it is that it resides in a small galaxy and it takes up about 14% of the galaxy’s mass while other black holes amount to 0.1% of the galaxy mass.

Truly a behemoth worth mentioning in the books. Wait, there is more. There might be bigger black holes than this. See more at

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