Double rainbows are always there, not only when Yosemitebear sees them

Yosemitebear made history in the internet history lanes and eventually was invited to take part in some ads. But the double rainbows were always there. You only neded a very passionate (high, maybe) fan of these phenomenons in order to bring those in the center of the internet worlds for a good period of time.

Sixty Symbols created a video in which Professor Mike Merrifield, from The University of Nottingham, explains how the are formed. Basically we see the rainbows because of the refraction of light that takes place when it crosses two mediums.

If you look at an angle of 42° you will see a rainbow. The interesting part is that there will always be more than one rainbow. The second one will have the colors in revers and will be dimmer. If the primary rainbow is very easy to spot then you might see even a third rainbow somewhere high up int he sky. Now that we know hoe they work, rainbows are still cool.

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