Monday’s ebook download suggestion: Beyond the inbox, from MakeUseOf

MakeUseOf has created many free pdfs that you can download, either from their site or from their partners. In today’s post we will find out about THE Gmail ebook of 27 pages that will teach you to be a power user of this email service.

Like it or not, Google has created a slew of services that simply rock, and Gmail is one of the best things they could come up with. At work I use several emails from Gmail for different projects and different business purposes and there are two things I like the most: email conversation grouping (which is completely lacking from Yahoo, for example) and the search. Google demonstrates once again that the work good with search in emails too.

Also, filters, forwarding, color coding the labels and the Lab section are things that need to be mentioned and used more often.

In “Beyond the Inbox(partner link)” Shay Shaked will teach us about:

  • what’s new in the new Gmail
  • what are labels, filters,
  • how to use Google Chat and how to get your own own Google voice number
  • how to use sms text capability
  • managing your contacts and plugins
  • and many more

Click on the image from below, fill in a few details and then download freely this awesome short ebook. Email was never more interesting than this.

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