This is why I love video games

I knew video games are good, but for what? Well, these guys list 10 reasons why playing video games is good for you, but I noticed only these: increased awareness (when I want), a better memory, and people with some illnesses can be helped.

Regarding people with illnesses, like autism, that were helped I want to emphasize the role of computers and iPAD + games on her life: Carly Fleischmann. She is now a celebrity and shines a ray of hope for all affected by autism. There is a chance with them, although they require extra attention. I would not have the patience to stick with such people.

At age of ten Carly reached over to their laptop and typed in “HELP TEETH HURT”. It seems that she was never left with a laptop or taught to work with it. Technology + video games, this is why we love ya!

Via [Geeksaresexy].

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