Understand Google+ with this free ebook

I like how Google+ managed to take good parts from Twitter and Facebook and use them in this social network. An important thing to know: Google+ is not meant to be an alternative to Facebook or Twitter. It is meant as a centralized way to manage your Google account.

I guess they made a good job with that and they are improving each month. In this free ebook about Google+ written by Maggie Marystone for MakeUseOf you can learn about circles, stream, hangouts, and various tips&tricks.

One of the things I like is that I can insert my frenemies in a circle and then forget about them, since I have only one circle I visit most. From that one I get most of my news and can comment on the posts of tech stars from all around the world.

Click on the image below, fill in few details and then you’re ready to get this ebook and many other white papers and ebooks from TradePub (with which I am a partner, see author page). Enjoy!

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