Think you got what it takes? Try wingsuit basejump!

Int he video above you can see Ted Davenport doing a basejump with his wingsuit from a height of 2200 meters (metres for UK, 7200 feet for US). The flight lasts for 90 seconds and it takes several hours to prepare. Usual jumping place is from Switzerland, where they can find vertical cuts in the mountain.

They need about 150 meters of vertical space to be able to get some air under their wings and the flight will accelerate them to a whooping 170 km/h or 120mph speed. Such sports can cost you up to $80k in gear and travel expenses. They say only one thing: it is totally worth it.

Can anyone do it? Nope. You need to do about 200 parachute jumps before you can consider yourself qualified for such jumps. Enjoy!

And where some jumps without wingsuit, but still awesome:


How’s that for a week-end ride?

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