Download “The Mac Manual”, a free ebook from MakeUseOf

“The Mac Manual” is a 60 page ebook that can be freely downloaded from here, just by entering some basic details. The guys at TradePub have done a great job by selecting the best ebooks out there and then giving them for free.

In this pdf you can read about MAC, Snow Leopard version, and it was created especially for the beginners. Best for starters or for switchers. Jackson Chung, has inserted also some tips and tricks on how to use the operating system and it’s applications.

You will see the dock, the menu bar, the Finder and the Spotlight in action. First time I was playing around with MAC, an older version, was almost a shock. Quite different form Windows operating system, it does not have the same setting for the icons and the same positioning, but I was able to learn to use it easily.

You only need a couple of hours to play around and, with a guide like the one from below, you can learn it even faster. Click on the image from below and have fun reading this ebook. Enjoy your MAC.

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