Mioelectric hand from BeBionic3 reminds us why Terminator is not joke

The guys at BeBionic3 have created this awesome robotic prosthetic hand which can help the user peel vegetables, hold eggs, type at a keyboard or carry 99 lbs weights.

Each finger has actuators and the hand has actually microprocessors and is able to compute how much it should grip and how to move the fingers. The movement is done via the movements of the muscles from the real hand.

It is better than a normal prosthetic hand because it has a functional use too. With it’s 14 grip modes it can be used pretty much at everything around the house. The guys at inHabitat found out that this bionic hand costs around $25k – $35k. Not cheap, but boy, is it a robot in the making.

Terminator era is here. Finally, people that had accidents like Nigel Ackland form the video above can find a normal working place. Way to go BeBionic3.

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