Watch Espen Fadnes flying with 250km/h in his wingsuit

Espen Fadnes is a Norwegian basejumper that feels quite well in his wingsuit. 99.9% of the time devoted to a jump is, in fact, only preparation. That one minute while he is flying with 250km/h (170mph) makes it worth for him to do all this effort.

He says he was not very eager to learn in school, but he followed his passion: outdoors activities. And he is not fearless, but he knows how to control his fears. In the video above you see a bit of his life and a stunning close call with a riverbed.

Okay, it is not a close call, but it it still too close for me to grasp what precision his flying should have so that he will not simply crush in something over there. All in all, people like Espen Fadnes inspire us. Happy flying!

Via [Open Culture].

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