No escape: we are building our own robokillers and we’re enjoying it

Sooner than later we will be faced with the situation that we will have to pass on robot laws. REAL robot laws. Boston Dynamics shows off their progress month by month and we’re getting closer to sending armed humanoid robots in the warzones.

It starts as a military technology, like many others, and then it will land on each street. Uproar. They will steal jobs, from butchers to policemen. Are we building our own demise? Hard to tell, but it is obvious that we cannot escape our own curiosity and, sometimes, demonic will to build anything that we think of (see the tractor beam research).

In the video above, AtlasProto demonstrates that it can overcome various obstacles. It is a software and hardware wonder and we know it will grow into a full humanoid system. DARPA funds such robotic researches and, because of their challenges, things like the self driving car have become almost a common thing.

Speaking of advances, the first thing that comes to mind are Asimov’s three laws of robotics. They are good in theory and in books. Once you are able to build (is that the right word?) conscience in a robot are you allowed to consider yourself the owner of that robot? Are you allowed then to hardcode those laws in the circuit of the robot? Would we want to enable conscience in these robots?

Synthetic life would be the next step. And no, synthetic life will not be considered human evolution per-se. But that is debatable.

Via [The Verge]

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